5-7 December 2018 - Hong Kong, China


Ninth International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures (ICASS 2018)



Chenpu Guo* and John Papangelis

School of Civil Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia

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Beams with corrugated webs and flat plate flanges have been used in buildings and bridges around the world for many years. In the design of these beams, the longitudinal stiffness of the corrugated web is assumed to be negligible and so the moment capacity is derived entirely from the flanges while the shear capacity of the beam is based on the shear strength of the web alone. The advantage of beams with corrugated webs is the increased resistance to shear buckling without the need to weld stiffeners to the web. Although beams with corrugated webs are mainly used to increase the shear capacity, flexural-torsional buckling is also an important failure mode. The flexural-torsional buckling strength very much depends on the torsion and warping constants of the beam. While these section properties can be easily calculated for conventional I beams with flat webs, the computation of these properties for beams with corrugated webs is not so well understood. In this paper, the torsion of beams with trapezoidal corrugated webs is investigated and the torsion and warping constants calculated for different corrugation geometries. A finite element analysis is used to analyse the beams under uniform and non-uniform torsion. The results are compared with the torsion and warping constants for conventional I beams with flat webs.


Torsion; Beam; Corrugated web; Torsion constant; Warping constant; Finite element analysis

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