5-7 December 2018 - Hong Kong, China


Keynote Papers


K-01: Progressive Collapse Resistance Of Steel Framed Buildings Under Extreme Events

G.Q. Li, J.Z. Zhang, L.L. Li, B.H. Jiang, T.C. Yang and J. Jiang


K-02: Modeling Systems Of Unsymmetrical Sections As Doubly Symmetric – How Much Does It Matter?

Ronald D. Ziemian, Si-Wei Liu and Siu-Lai Chan


K-03: Opportunities For Metal 3d Printing In Structural Engineering

L. Gardner, C. Buchanan and W. Wan


K-04: Designing Composite Structures For Reuse

D. Lam, J. Yang, X. Dai, T. Sheehan and K. Zhou


K-05: Innovation In Modular Building Construction

J.Y.R. Liew


K-06: Advances In Steel-Concrete Composite Structures: Australian Experiences

B. Uy


K-07: Full-Range Behaviour Of Semi-Rigid Steel Connections

C. Zhu, L. Jiang, K.J.R. Rasmussen, S. Yan and H. Zhang


K-08: Designing Steel Structures With 3d Connections

L.S. da Silva


K-09: Electro-Slag Weld Fractures In Seismic Steel Beam-To-Box Column Moment Connectons

K.C. Tsai, C.H. Li, C.Y. Tsai, C.C. Wu, K.C. Lin and S.J. Jhuang


K-10: Ductile Cast-Iron Deck For Highway Bridges

E. Yamaguchi, H. Tobinaga and M. Murayama

Technical Papers


P-001: Numerical Investigation And Parametric Study On The Behaviour Of Axially Loaded Back-To-Back Gapped Built-Up Cold-Formed Steel Channels

Krishanu Roy, Tina Chui Huon Ting, Hieng Ho Lau and James B.P. Lim


P-002: Local Buckling Strength of Corroded Angle And Channel Steel Shapes And Its Evaluation Using Effective Width Theory

Kazumasa. Hisazumi, Ryoichi. Kanno and Tomonori. Tominaga


P-003: Torsion of Beams With Corrugated Webs

Chenpu Guo and John Papangelis


P-004: Torsion of Built-Up Boxed Cold-Formed Channel Sections

Zehua Wang and John Papangelis


P-005: The Use of Direct Analysis Method for Yujiapu Traffic Hubs

Goman Ho


P-006: Design and Construction of Curved Bamboo Structure

Goman Wai-Ming HO and Man FONG


P-007: Experimental Investigation on Cold-Formed High Strength Steel Tubular T-Joints

Yancheng CAI, Tak-Ming CHAN and Ben YOUNG


P-008: Innovative Design Theory of Direct Analysis for Q690 High-Strength Steel Box-Columns

Tian-Ji Li, Guo-Qiang Li, Siu-Lai Chan, Da Lv and Yan-Bo Wang


P-009: The Effects of Axial Tension on The Sagging-Moment Regions of Concrete-Filled Tubular Flange Girders

R. Al-Dujele and K.A. Cashell


P-010: Numerical Prediction of Hotspot Stress for Dkk Chs Joints In Offshore Jackets Under Arbitrary Loading

Ernest O. Oshogbunu, Yong C. Wang and Tim Stallard


P-011: Compression Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Cold-Formed High Strength Steel Circular Hollow Sections

Meini Su, Ben Young and Xuerui Chen


P-012: Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Tubular Sections Under Combined Compression And Cyclic Bending

F. Zhou, C. Fang and C. Luo


P-013: Capacity of Cold-Formed Steel Hollow Stub Columns with Central Circular Perforations

Tekcham G. Singh and Konjengbam D. Singh


P-014: A Method for The Treatment of 2nd Order Effects In Plastically-Designed Steel Frames

F. Walport, L. Gardner and D.A. Nethercot


P-015: Numerical Study on SCFS of Empty And Concrete-Filled SHS-SHS T-Joints Under In-Plane Bending

Feleb N. Matti, Fidelis R. Mashiri


P-016: A Numerical Study on Local And Post-Local Buckling of Stainless Steel-Concrete Composite Columns

Sina K. Azad, Brian Uy, Dongxu Li and Chao Hou


P-017: Finite Element Analysis of Local Buckling of Steel and Composite Columns Utilising High and Ultra-High Strength Steel

Zhichao Huang, Yifan Zhou, Brian Uy, Huu-Tai Thai, Dongxu Li and Chao Hou


P-018: Comparison on Performances of Different Types of Steel Corrugated Plate Shear Walls

Jing-Zhong Tong, Yan-Lin Guo and Jia-Qi Zuo


P-019: Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of S550 High-Strength Steel In Arctic Areas Under Different Strain Ratios

Liuyang. Feng and Xudong. Qian


P-020: Recent Development And Implementation of Direct Analysis In Nida

Y.P. Liu, Z.L. Du, J.W. He, Z.X. Ding, S.L. Chan and W.F. Chen


P-021: Advanced Beam-Coulumn Elements For Practicing Design of Structures Using Direct Analysis Method

Si-Wei Liu, Wen-Long Gao and Siu-Lai Chan


P-022: Practical Analysis And Design of A Flexible Energy-Dissipating Structure

ZH Zhou, JW He, YP Liu, SL Chan


P-023: Prestressed Cold-Formed Steel Beams – Parametric Studies and Design Recommendations

Nicolas Hadjipantelis, Leroy Gardner and M. Ahmer Wadee


P-024: Influence of Chord Stresses on The Strength of Rhs Joints

Flávio F. Mendes, Luciano R. O. de Lima, Pedro C. G. da S. Vellasco, Monique C. Rodrigues and Luis F. C. Neves


P-025: Experimental Evaluation of Composite Tubular Columns CFDST (Stainless Steel–Concrete–Carbon Steel)

Pedro F. Rodrigues, Pedro C. G. da S. Vellasco, Luciano R. O. de Lima, André T. da Silva, Monique C. Rodrigues and Arlene M. C. Sarmanho


P-026: Design Method of Triple Cross-Arm Pre-Tensioned Cable Stayed Buckling-Restrained Braces

Peng Zhou and Yan-Lin Guo


P-027: Investigations of Joints Strength Performance With T-Section Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns And I-Section Steel Beams

Yiran Wu, Lingye Meng and Yongjiu Shi


P-028: Seismic Behavior of Steel Structures With Suspended Ceiling In School Buildings

Y. Sasaki and K. Ochi


P-029: Investigation on Anti-Collapse Performance of Composite Beam-Column Substructure With Welded Flange-Bolted Web Connection In Minor-Axis Direction

Xiao-Yan SONG, Wei-Hui ZHONG and Yu-Hui ZHENG


P-030: A Simplified Approach To Evaluation of Steel Beam-To-Column Connections

Cheng Y. Liao, Dung M. Lue, Chien C. Chang and Wei T. Hsu


P-031: Cyclic Tests of Concrete-Filled U-Shaped Steel Beam To Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tube Column Joints

Dan Gan, Feng Yan and Rui Cheng, Xuhong Zhou


P-032: Seismic Response of The Spherical Liquid Storage Tank

Junwen Zhou and Ming Zhao


P-033: Shear-Yield Metal Damper: An Innovative Solution for Large Open Space Building At Intensive Seismic Zone

Kar-Kuen Wong, Sai-Cheong Chan, Wing-Lok Leung and Yan-Min Wu


P-034: Structural System Selection and Design of A Super Tall Building At High Seismic Intensity Area

Yan-Min Wu, Sai-Cheong Chan, Wing-Lok Leung and Kar-Kuen Wong


P-035: Displacement At Girder End of Long-Span Railway Steel Bridges And Performance Requirements For Bridge Expansion Joint

Hui GUO, Suoting HU, Xiaoguang LIU and Pengfei SU


P-036: Simple Superelement Model of Warping Transfer In Moment Connections Between I Sections

Balint Vaszilievits-Somjen and Jozsef Szalai


P-037: Mechanical Property and Constitutive Modeling of Low Yield Point Steels

Yang GAO, Gang SHI, Xun WANG and Yong ZHANG


P-038: Numerical Simulation of The Cyclic Responses of Completely Prefabricated Steel Frame

Hao Yin and Gang Shi


P-039: Experimental Study of Cover-Plate Beam-To-Column Joints In High-Strength Steel Frames

Xuesen Chen and Gang Shi


P-040: Simulation of The Response of Steel Moment Frames Under Column Loss Scenarios: Evaluation of Dynamic Increase Factor

Ioan Marginean, Florea Dinu and Dan Dubina


P-041: Study on Slab Transverse Moment Distribution In Twin Girder Cross-Beam Composite Bridge

Da Xiang, Yuqing Liu, Xiaoqing Xu


P-042: Advanced Analysis With Strain Limits for The Design of Steel Structures

Andreas C. Fieber, Leroy Gardner and Lorenzo Macorini


P-043: Effect of Air-Gap on Performance of Fabricated Slim Floor Beams In Fire

Naveed Alam, Ali Nadjai, Chrysanthos Maraveas, Konstantinos Daniel Tsavdaridis and Faris Ali


P-044: The Remaining Compressive Capacity of H-Shaped Column With Localized Corrosion

Yao Chen, Ganping Shu and Ruihua Lu


P-045: Load Resistance and Hysteretic Response of Brbs Confined Additionally By Shuttle-Shaped Trusses

Bo-Li Zhu, Yan-Lin Guo and Peng Zhou


P-046: Safety Investigation of SRC Structures In Construction

Juilin Peng, Chungming Ho, Chungsheng Wang and Siulai Chan


P-047: Experimental Study on Box-T Hybrid Section Columns Under Compression

Ziqian Zhang, Gang Shi


P-048: Experimental Study on Sheared High-Strength Bolted Connections Fabricated of High Strength Fire-Resistant Steel at High Temperature

Lingye Meng, Yongjiu Shi


P-049: Finite Element Modelling of Axially Loaded Mild Steel Hollow Spiral Welded Steel Tube Short Columns

Yasoja K.R. Gunawardena and Farhad Aslani


P-050: Cyclic Loading Tests of Duplex Stainless Steel Beam-To-Column Joints With WUF-W Connection

Muming Liu, Gang Shi


P-051: Testing of Buckling - Restrained Braces with Replaceable Fuses

H.T. Hou, M.J. Li, X.X. Yan, C.X. Qiu, X.F. Liu, B. Qu


P-052: Seismic Behaviour of Stainless Steel Bolted Extended End Plate Joints

Yidu Bu, Yuanqing Wang, Yipeng Zhao, Chunyi Xu, Tianxiong Zhang and Qinglin Jiang


P-053: Thread Effect on The Initial Stiffness of Bolted Connections

Aziz Ahmed, Lip H. Teh


P-055: Study on Low-Temperature Fatigue of Steel Structures And Fatigue Properties of Welds Under Shears Stress

Yuanqing Wang, Haoyang Gu, Xiaowei Liao, Liang Zong, Tianshen Zhang


P-059: The Parameter Analysis of Assembled Steel Structure Residential System

Ting Zhou, Shu Lan, Zhihua Chen, Bingzhen Zhao, Pengfei Zhang


P-060: Buckling Behavior and Optimisation Analysis of Prestressed Stayed Steel Column

Pengcheng Li, Bin Jia and Hao Wang


P-061: The Influence of Section Aspect Ratio on The Mechanical Performance of Partially Encased Composite Columns

Jie Liu, Yiyi Chen


P-062: Study on The Vertical Loading Transferring Mechanism of Joint with Large Dimension CFT Column and Steel Beam

Yiyi CHEN, Kang WANG, Nannan YAN, Xianzhong ZHAO


P-063: In-Plane Stability and Design Method of Cable-Stayed Arch

Yan-Lin Guo, Pumsakheyna Chea, You-Hao Zhang, Peng Zhou


P-064: Numerical Investigations Into Stability and Design of Arches With Web Openings

Yan-Lin Guo, Jia-xin Wang and Peng Zhou


P-065: Analysis on The Performance of Curved Continuous Composite Girders With Double Composite Action

Jiye Wang, Yuqing Liu, Bo Lei and Yong Chen


P-066: Direct Buckling Analysis Based Stability Design Method of Steel Structures

Jozsef Szalai


P-067: Parameter Optimization of Beam-Column Connections With Expanded Flange In Steel Frames

Ma H.W., Zhao Y., Wan Z.Q. and Hu J.


P-068: Experimental Research on Unidirection Energy Dissipation Performance of New Stiffened Mild Steel Damper

Yunpeng Gao and Ming Zhao


P-069: A Feasibility Study on The Use of Measured Vibration Data For The Detection of Clip Damage of Metal Roofing System

Heung-Fai Lam and Jun Hu


P-070: On The Influence of Initial Geometric Imperfections and Second Order Effects on The Structural Behavior of Austenitic Stainless Steel Frames

Yanfei Shen, Rolando Chacon, Itsaso Arrayago, Esther Real


P-071: On The Analysis And Behavior of High-Strength Circular CFT Columns

Zhichao Lai and Amit H. Varma


P-072: Investigation on Local Bearing Behavior In High Strength Steel Single-Bolt Connection With Machine Learning Techniques

Yi-Fan Lyu, Yan-Bo Wang, and Guo-Qiang Li


P-073: Optimization of Semi-Rigid Steel Frames With Second-Order Direct Analysis

Fa-Wu WANG, Yao-Peng LIU, Zhi-Hua ZHOU and Siu-Lai CHAN


P-074: Strength and DSM Design of End-Bolted Cold-Formed Columns Failing In Distortional Modes

Warlley S. Santos, Alexandre Landesmann and Dinar Camotim


P-075: Testing of Wire and Arc Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel Material and Cross-Sections

Craig Buchanan, Wing Wan and Leroy Gardner


P-076: Load-Bearing Capacity of Concrete-Infilled Double Steel Corrugated-Plate Walls With T-Section Under Combined Axial Compression and Bending Moment

Yan-Lin Guo, Meng-Zheng Wang, Jing-Shen Zhu and Xiao Yang


P-077: Failure Mechanism of Steel Corrugated-Plates in Concrete-Infilled Double Steel Corrugated-Plate Walls Under Compressions

Jing-Shen Zhu, Yan-Lin Guo, Meng-Zheng Wang and Xiao Yang


P-078: High Strength Steels for Low Temperature Structural Applications

Stefan Herion and Stephan Scherf


P-079: Distortional-Global Interaction Behavior and Dsm Design of Cold-Formed Steel Columns With Slotted Holes

Xu-Hong Zhou, Zi-Qi He, Sa Xiao, Jun-Da Wang


P-080: An Experimental Study on The Cyclic Response of Austenitic Stainless Steel

Rolando A. Chacón, Mauricio D. de Marco, Esther Real1 and Itsaso Arrayago


P-081: Experimental Study on Bearing Capacity of Q420 Steel U-Rib Stiffened Plates Subjected to Axial Compression

Rui Hao, Yuqing Liu and Haohui Xin


P-082: Welding Technologies for Built-Up Cold-Formed Steel Beams: Experimental Investigations

Viorel Ungureanu, Ioan Both, Mircea Burca, Daniel Tunea, Marius Grosan, Calin Neagu and Dan Dubina


P-083: Compression Tests of Concrete-Filled Double Circular Steel Tubular Stub Columns

Liping WANG, Xing-Xing CAO, Fa-Xing DING and Yi SUN


P-084: Implications of Modelling Simplifications on The Seismic Performance of Concentrically-Braced Steel Framed Buildings

A. Silva, J.M. Castro and R. Monteiro


P-085: Review on Recent Research and Applications on Connections of Structural Steel Casting in China

Siyuan Tian, Shen Yan, Molei Liu, Xianzhong Zhao


P-086: Numerical Study of Structural Steel Continuous Beams With Tubular Cross-Sections

Xiang Yun and Leroy Gardner


P-087: Analysis of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes with High-Strength Materials Under Sustained Loading

Dongxu LI, Brian UY, Ehab HAMED, Zhong TAO and Won-Hee KANG


P-088: Lateral Static Analysis on Steel-Concrete-Steel Composite Structure in Immersed Tunnel of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link

Weile Chen, Shenyou Song, Wenliang Jin, Yuqing Liu and Yongxuan Li


P-089: Seismic Response of Non-Conforming Single-Story Non-Residential Buildings Considering Envelope Panels

Gaetano Cantisani, Gaetano Della Corte


P-090: Numerical Study of Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Columns

Constantinos Kyprianou, Pinelopi Kyvelou, Leroy Gardner and David A. Nethercot


P-091: Structural Behavior of Strengthened Concrete Beams with Bolted Side Plates

R.K.L. Su, Z.W. Shan and Ling-zhi Li


P-092: DSM Design of Cold-Formed Steel Columns Affected by Local-Distortional-Global Interaction Revisited

Pedro B. Dinis and Dinar Camotim


P-093: Experimental Study on New Type of Concrete- Filled Steel Tubular Column To Steel Beam Connection

Ganping Shu, Jianhong Han, Yue Li, Xiaowei Miao and Peijuan Zhu


P-094: Fire Resistance Design of Circular Steel Tube Confined Reinforced Concrete Columns

Hua Yang, Faqi Liu, Yuyin Wang and Sumei Zhang


P-095: Experimental and Finite Element Analysis on The Seismic Performace of Ebf Fabricated With High-Strength Steel

Ming Lian, Mingzhou Su* and Weihui Zhong


P-096: Research on The New Ferris Wheel Structure Forms in China

Ming Ma, Junjin Liu and Tao Song


P-098: The Key Technology for Construction of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Composite Column

Zhenming Chen, Xi Wu and Lei Jiang


P-099: Experimental Study and Theoretic Analysis on Fire Resistance of Angle Steel Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Columns

Xiao-Yong Mao, Li-Ren Zhou and Zhen Zhang


P-100: The New Trend of Compartment Steel-Concrete-Steel Composite Structures in Immersed Tunnels

Yu-Tao Guo, Jian-Sheng Fan and Jian-Guo Nie


P-101: Experimental Investigation of The Performance of Demountable Composite Beam Shear Connectors At Ambient & Elevated Temperatures

Razvan M. Sencu and Yong C. Wang


P-102: Direct Analysis of Steel Frames With Asymmetrical Semi-Rigid Joints

Jake L.Y. Chan and S.H. Lo


P-103: Experimental Investigation of Self-Centering Steel Columns With SMA Bolts

Bin Wang, Songye Zhu


P-104: Strength of Multiplanar Longitudinal Plate-To-Circular Hollow Section (CHS) Connections Reinforced by External Ring Stiffeners

Ziye Yang, Hongzhou Deng, Chao Li and Xing Ma


P-105: Seismic Performance Research of Beam-Column Energy Dissipation Joint with Hidden Corbel

Chao Tong, Jing Wu, Luqi Xie and Chunyu Li


P-106: Seismic Performance Analysis of Fabricated Concrete Frame with Replaceable Energy Dissipation Connectors

Chunyu LI, Jing WU, Luqi XIE


P-107: Basic Theory and Mechanical Property on A New Type of Replaceable Energy Dissipation Connector

Luqi Xie, Jing Wu, Chao Tong and Chunyu Li


P-108: Comparative Analysis of Resilient Prestressed Steel Frames

Zhang Y.X., Li Q.G., Jiang K. and Sun Y.


P-109: Simulation Analysis of New All-Bolted Steel Frame System With Intermediate Column Friction Damper (ICASS’2018)

Zhang A. L., Zhu L. N., Zhang Y. X. and Wen W.


P-110: Static Performance Study on Slideable All Bolted Connection of Truss To Square Steel Tube Column

Xuechun Liu, Xu Lu, Shuanghui Pu and Ailin Zhang


P-111: Experimental Investigation of The Member Buckling of Cold-Rolled Aluminium Alloy 5052 Channel Columns

Ngoc Hieu Pham, Cao Hung Pham and Kim J.R. Rasmussen


P-112: Finite Element Analysis on K-Type External Braced Steel Erame System

Guochang Li, Fei Tian, Zhijian Yang, Guozhong Zhang and Yihe Feng


P-113: Parametric Study on Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular T-Joints Under In-Plane Bending

Idris A. Musa and Fidelis R. Mashiri


P-114: Experimental Study on Bond Behaviour of Expansive Concrete-Filled Circular Stainless Steel Tubes

Zeyu. Cheng, Yuner. Huang and David. Rush


P-115: Finite Element Analysis on A Large-Span Transmission Tower with Built-Up Columns

Fang Li, Hong-Zhou Deng


P-116: Behaviour of Composite Beams with Embedded Compression Flange

César A. O. Ferrante, Sebastião A. L. de Andrade, Luciano R. O. de Lima and Pedro C. G. da S. Vellasco


P-117: Effective Bracing for Steel I-Girder And Tub Girder Systems

Todd A. Helwig


P-118: Experimental Investigation of Cold-Rolled Aluminium Alloy 5052-H36 Beams Undergoing Local Buckling

Le Anh Thi HUYNH, Cao Hung PHAM and Kim J. R. RASMUSSEN


P-119: Finite Element Modelling and Test of A Novel Coupling Arm Connecting Two Floating Bodies

Tao Li, Xudong Qian, Hongyou Cao, Aziz Merchant, Ains Hussain, Amit Jain, Bernad A.P Francis, Ankit Choudhary


P-120: Comparison of New and Old Steel Structure Codes for Design of Long-Span Arch Truss Structure in China

Li-Jun Wang, Zheng Yu


P-121: Analysis of Rubber Bearing Behavior with Material Deterioration

Makoto Obata and Yoshiaki Goto


P-122: Numerical Investigation of Drag Coefficients of 2-Bundled Conductors

Haijiang Xu, Hongzhou Deng and Xing Ma


P-123: Numerical Fracture Simulation of Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridges

Chun-Sheng Wang, Yu-Zhu Wang, Jin-Qiang Feng and Nai-Xuan Ma


P-124: Design Method of Wall Panel Stability of Concrete-Infilled Double Steel Corrugated-Plate Walls Under Axial Compression

Yan-Lin Guo, Xiao Yang, Peng Zhou, Jing-Shen Zhu and Meng-Zheng Wang


P-125: Effects of Cold-Forming Process on The Properties of G450 Cold-Formed Steel Channels

Huu Nam TRINH, Gwénaëlle PROUST, Cao Hung PHAM and Gregory J. HANCOCK


P-126: Seismic Performance Assessment of Hybrid Self-Centering Buckling-Restrained Braced Frame Systems

Ahmad Fayeq Ghowsi and Dipti Ranjan Sahoo


P-127: 3-Dimentional Numerical Model for Dynamic Analysis of Partially Concrete-Filled Thin-Walled Circular Steel Columns

Lyu Fei; Yoshiaki Goto; Naoki Kawanishi


P-128: Load Redistribution Among Steel Piers in Continuous Elevated-Girder Bridges Subjected to Multi-Directional Seismic Accelerations

Toru Okumura, Yoshiaki Goto


P-129: Ultimate Strength of Cold-Formed Steel Built-Up Columns: Effect of Lacing Slenderness

M. Adil Dar, Dipti Ranjan Sahoo and Arvind K. Jain


P-130: Comparison of En1994-1-1 And Chinese Jgj138-2016 For Design of Composite Structures of Steel And Concrete

Qing-Jie ZHANG, Markus SCHÄFER


P-131: Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Stainless Steel Slip-Resistant Connections With Particles Embedded In Connected Plates

Zixuan Chen, Jun Dong, Mengling Wang, Yang Peng, Yuner Huang


P-132: Panel Zone Design for Reduced Beam Section Moment Frames Considering Web Slenderness Ratio of Beam

Amr A. Soliman, Omar A. Ibrahim


P-133: Experiment on Fire Resistance of Axial Compression Rec-Section High Strength Steel Columns

Runmin Ding, Shenggang Fan and Yunlong Han, Yang Guo, Bingbing He


P-134: Numerical Investigation on Fire Resistance of Stainless Steel Composite Beams with Rectangular Section

Ting Zhu, Shenggang Fan, Yunlong Han, Runmin Ding and Yang Li


P-135: Optimization of The Roof Structure of The Douera Stadium In Algiers

Lei Lu, Yinquan Yu, Xiaofeng Wu, Feng Hong and Jiulong Yang


P-136: A General Formulation for The Stability Design of Steel Members

Trayana Tankova, Luís Simões Da Silva And Liliana Marques


P-137: Improvement of Residual Stress on Gusset Welded Joints by Heat Treatment with Induction Heating

May Phyo AUNG, Mikihito HIROHATA and Yasuo KITANE


P-138: Influence of Surface Roughness on Ductility of Corroded Steel: An Experimental Study

Naftary GATHIMBA and Yasuo KITANE


P-139: Practical Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis Method of 3d Composite Steel-Concrete Frameworks

Stefan M. Buru and Cosmin G. Chiorean


P-140: Ultimate and Nominal Strength Analysis of Composite Sections with Arbitrary Shape

Cosmin G. Chiorean, Stefan M. Buru


P-141: 4R Method for Consideration of The Fatigue Performance of Welded Joints – Background and Applications

Timo Björk, Antti Ahola and Tuomas Skriko


P-142: Seismic Upgrading of Steel Moment Connections Using Double-Shear-Tab Details

Heui-Yung Chang, Chu-Tsen Liao, Ching-Yu Yeh and Chi-Ming Lai


P-143: Design Method Improvements for Trapezoidally Corrugated Web Girders

Bence Jáger, Balázs Kövesdi and László Dunai


P-144: The Structural Behavior of A Portal Frame Building Subjected To A Localized Fire

Er-feng Du, Gan-ping Shu, Xiao Lv and Le Qin


P-145: Prediction of Limit Point Buckling In Reticulated Metal Shells

Arul Jayachandran S


P-146: DSM Design of Cold-Formed Steel Columns Affected By Local-Distortional-Global Interaction Revisited

Pedro B. Dinis and Dinar Camotim


P-147: Elastic Buckling of Cold-Formed Steel Complex Cross Sections Using Constrained Spline Finite Strip Method (CSFSM)

Ajeesh S S, and Arul Jayachandran S


P-148: Post-Buckling Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tube Stub Columns Under Axial Compression

Chang Yang, Zhixiang Yu, Shichun Zhao, Yuping Sun, Hua Zhao and Hu Xu


P-149: A Ductile Fuse for Special Concentrically Braced Frames

Machel L. Morrison


P-150: Numerical Investigation on Seismic Performance of An Innovative Connection for Modular Steel Construction

En-Feng DENG, Liang ZONG, Xiao-Meng DAI and Yang DING


P-151: Structural Performance of Hot-Finished High Strength Steel Square Tubular Stub Columns at Elevated Temperatures

Han Fang and Tak-Ming Chan


P-152: Structural Behaviour of Blind-Bolted T-Stub to Octagonal Tube Connections Using Normal and High-Strength Steels

Fei Xu and Tak-Ming Chan


P-153: A Consistent Analytical Model for Tapered Steel Members with Symmetric or Asymmetric Variations

Zuo-Lei Du, Zhi-Xia Ding, Yao-Peng Liu and Siu-Lai Chan


P-154: Recent Developments on The Numerical Algorithms for The Analysis of Steel and Composite Sections

Liang Chen, Si-Wei Liu and Siu-Lai Chan


P-155: Advanced Flexibility-Based Element Allowing for Member Imperfection and Shear Deformation

Zhi-Xia Ding, Zuo-Lei Du, Yao-Peng Liu and Siu-Lai Chan


P-156: A New Brake Element for Impact-Resisting Flexible Barrier

Jian-Wei He, Zhi-Hua Zhou, Yao-Peng Liu and Siu-Lai Chan


P-157: Numerical Study on Structural Behaviour of Stainless Steel Beam-To-Column Joints With Double Extended End-Plate Connections

Jun-Dong Gao, Huan-Xin Yuan and Xin-Xi Du


P-158: Test and Finite Element Analysis af High-Strength Concrete Filled Steel Box Columns Under Combined High-Axial Load And Cyclic-Lateral Load

Chung-Che Chou and Sung-Cheng Wu


P-159: Optimization of Irregular Structures with Passive Energy Dissipation System: A Case Study of Single Column Elevated Station

L.D. Zhuang, X. Nie, L.Y. Xu and J.G. Nie


P-160: Offload Analysis for Long-Span Roof Structures by Second-Order Direct Analysis

Yin Wai Siu and Chun Wah Cheng


P-161: Second-Order Elasitc Analysis of Two-Dimensional Frames Based on Timoshenko Beam Theory

Yi-Qun Tang and Yao-Peng Liu


P-162: Resistance of Shear Connectors in Compsosite Foam Concrete Using C-Channel Embedment

Dianzhong Liu and Feng Fu


P-163: Identification of Pitting Corrosion in Steel Bars and Rebars Embedded in Concrete Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves

Rajeshwara C. Sriramadasu, Ye Lu and Sauvik Banerjee


P-164: Temperature Distribution of Cfst Columns Protected by Intumescent Fire Coating

Qian-Yi Song, Lin-Hai Han, Kan Zhou and Yuan Feng


P-165: Study on Temperature Distribution of High Strength Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns Due to Fire

H. QI, Y. DU, B. WANG and R. Liew


P-166: Design Proposals for Single Angle Member Under Eccentric Compression Force

A. Hussain, Yao-Peng Liu and Siu-Lai Chan


P-167: Critical Initial Geometric Imperfection and Advanced Beam Column Element for Direct Analysis Method of Tapered I-Sections

Rui BAI, Si-Wei LIU Lei ZHAO and Siu-Lai CHAN


P-168: Cold-Formed Steel Built of Columns: Experimental Investigation

Sivaganesh Selvaraj, Mahendrakumar Madhavan


P-169: A Buffer Structure Composed of Flexible Nets and Spring-Rods for Rockfall Protection

Zhixiang Yu, Lei Zhao, Chang Yang, Yaopeng Liu, Hu Xu, Shichun Zhao and Rui Bai


P-170: Beyond Code Limit Analysis of Large-Span Coal Storage Shed

Yu Zhao, Dong-Yang Wang, Hao Li, Xiao-Chun Liu, Hong Ding, Xuan-Ye Li, Xiao-Yan Yun


P-171: Overview of The Dynamic Approach for The Full and Partial Interaction Analysis Within The Generalised Beam Tehory (GBT)

Gianluca Ranzi, Alberto Ferrarotti and Giuseppe Piccardo


P-172: Push-Out Tests on Circular Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Steel Tubular Columns

Wei Li and Bing Chen


P-173: Assessment of The Fracture Toughness of Old Mild Steels

R. Stroetmann and L. Sieber


P-174: Experimental Investigation of Full-Range Action-Deformation Behaviour of Top-And-Seat Angle and Web Angle Connections

Luli Jiang, Kim Rasmussen and Hao Zhang


P-175: A New Type of Blind Bolted Connection for Deconstructable Steel Structures

Huiyong Ban, Lu Yang and Junwei Fan


P-177: On The Numerical Simulation of The Response of Gas Pipelines Under Compression

Grigorios Tsinidis, Luigi Di Sarno, Anastasios Sextos, Nikolaos Psyrras and Peter Furtner


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